Claire Jane Hunter


Claire has worked with some of the most influential cocktail programs in San Francisco. Regarded as a mentor to many aspiring bartenders and service professionals, she brings shrewd technique, creativity, warmth and pragmatism to every venture.

Meryll Cawn


Meryll’s experience in beverage and cocktails spans a wide range of titles. She has worked in marketing and brand management for several artisan bar companies. Always pushing the boundaries when it comes to cocktails and flavor profiles, Meryll has created cocktails and menus for a variety of bars and brands. A buyer for many years she has a wealth of knowledge of beer, wine and spirits. She has the ability to translate those expertise into distinct, yet practical applications.

Patrick Poelvoorde


Patrick comes with over 20 years experience working with beer, wine, spirits and cocktails. With extensive time managing very large and high profile programs in San Francisco, Patrick brings strong marketing and negotiating skills with excellent connections with beverage and service vendors. Having managed large teams, service and service standards are paramount to Patrick's approach to any bar, restaurant or event.